She Looks - Rocky Aquino by jill tranquilla

She Looks - Choreographed by Rocky Aquino. 

This is absolutely one of my favorite videos I've ever been able to create - collaborating with Rocky was so easy and we both were on the same page on so many things. I've grateful to have been able to visualize some of these shots before they were created! It's so cool so storyboard something and then see it take shape afterwards! Watch the video, and if you have a minute watch the pre-trailer here too:

Charity + James by jill tranquilla

I loved filming this wedding video for Charity + James. It has been amazing to grow with them both as friends over the past few years and watch their relationship grow into what it is today! What is the most astounding about this video to me is it portrays a side of them that is so personal to their relationship and reserved for the two of them. The vows and words they say to each other really brought this video together and gave me an insight into their compatibility. Congratulations Charity and James McInnes!
- j.

Natural Summer Makeup by jill tranquilla

I made a quick summer makeup video showing the look i've been going for for the past month and a bit! There isn't much talking in the video but the one thing that is pretty different about this tutorial is that there is no liquid foundation used - just a powdered foundation! And its fricken amazing! Surprisingly has enough coverage for a natural look. The smashbox powder is also hydrating which means on my skin type it stays all day without looking patchy, yas