Natural Summer Makeup by jill tranquilla

I made a quick summer makeup video showing the look i've been going for for the past month and a bit! There isn't much talking in the video but the one thing that is pretty different about this tutorial is that there is no liquid foundation used - just a powdered foundation! And its fricken amazing! Surprisingly has enough coverage for a natural look. The smashbox powder is also hydrating which means on my skin type it stays all day without looking patchy, yas

Park Show 2016 by jill tranquilla

Park Show is always one of my favourite events of the year in Calgary. Call me naive but honestly I can't say I've heard all that much about Calgary's hidden world of fashion but Park Show is one of those events where the hidden becomes seen. I've been marking this event in my calendar for the past three seasons and have yet to be disappointed. Each designer's continuously hard work is showcased and a whole team of people get to come together to create an event of this caliber! It's truly unreal to continue to watch the artists evolve and create.

Anneke Forbes

I was filming for most of this event but I managed to snap a few shots! I have gathered of few of my most crisp shots and outfits that I loved that went down the runway. The designers that showcased on the Saturday night event included Cara Cheung, House of Nonie, Anneke Forbes, Rebecca King, SP Badu, Malika Couture as well as Anne B Accessories.

Snapshot of my and Chantel during intermission! We were able to snag an on looker to help us take the shot. 

Snapshot of my and Chantel during intermission! We were able to snag an on looker to help us take the shot. 

Till next season,

Indigo and Chit Chat by jill tranquilla

I have to confess something. Blogging is hard. It's not hard because I don't want to be doing it, it's hard because it has a tendency to easily fall behind and seemingly off the plane of existence. I've been meaning to write, I have. I know my audience is small, or zilch. So that doesn't help me with motivation anyways. Oh well. I have meant to write a small review on this product for quite some time. And only now, three months later, I'm able to sit down and share my thoughts.  "Indigo" by NEST first caught me attention after hearing a review by the lovely Beauty Guru Claire Marshall in one of her monthly product reviews. Instantly I wanted to try this perfume out for myself. Typically I am attracted to floral scents that are light and fresh. This year really opened my eyes to more muskier scents. Indigo is a very musky and spicy scent, but it's not as over bearing as it could be. Although it's a more masculine scent, there are still very earthy and floral aspects to it. Moroccan tea, Kashmir wood, and black cardamom are enhanced with hints of wild fig and bergamot. Sephora's website suggests that this scent transitions well from evening to night, and I would have to agree. A lot of people compare this scent to the discontinued Burberry the Beat, and say it's a pretty good match! On my skin, this scent smells really warm. It would be a lovely scent to wear on a dinner date.
As you can see i this image, I only own a small sample size of this perfume. It's one that I'd love to invest in and could see it being an amazing signature scent. 

- J. 

MKE-UP FR33 MARCH by jill tranquilla

        March has gone by so fast. It feels like it was just yesterday that I adjusted my calendar, but here we are, in April already. I'm totally committed this year to working through my new years resolution. If you aren't aware of my goal, it was to have a new goal each month which would challenge me to live a better lifestyle. For the month of march, I decided to give up makeup. 
In addition to my resolution, from February 18 - April 2 was Lent. Lent is a time each year dedicated to fasting an aspect of your life in order to concentrate on the upcoming holiday, Easter. It's currently Good Friday, so I might as well and go on explaining that as well. Good Friday is the day that we celebrate Christ's crucifixion. I grew up in a Christian household, and became a Christian officially when I was 17 years old. It's easy to loose sight of what Christ did on the cross. Lent is a great way of becoming a reflective time over this event that has changed the course of humanity. Christ was and is the son of God; completely divine. When Jesus was crucified on the cross, his death covered the consequences of humanities evil heart. Because Jesus is God and his death was humble, we have been given eternal life if we accept Jesus into our hearts. By giving up something 40 days before the celebration of that day, you place down something worldly that you have depended on and put more dependance in Jesus for your value. Jesus was crucified on 'Good Friday,' and rose from the grave three days later like it was prophesied decades before. I don't intend for this blog to be a religious platform, but I did think it was important that I explain what Lent was and why I took part in it. So for this months goal, I actually started on February 18 and ended on April 2. This was my first time ever taking part in lent. 
        Moving on to the challenge. Not wearing makeup isn't new to me. I don't struggle with being completely dependant on it like some people, and I think I have working at camps to thank for that. For about 4 or 5 summers I have worked at camps in the summer. There was never much time for makeup application, and so I learnt how to be less dependant on makeup in these scenarios. That being said, I haven't always felt secure without makeup. In the past year and a bit, I also got REALLY into makeup. After discovering youtube, I was hooked. I quickly went from owning a few items to becoming a VIB Rouge member at Sephora within a year, which is stupidly embarrassing. I've calmed down a bit since then, but have a pretty vast makeup collection because of that season in my life.
        The problem for me wasn't so much about having to wear makeup everyday, but it was more about the money I would spend on makeup. It has been so hard to not spend money on makeup. I heard a crazy statistic the other day that said that 1/3 people living on a budget will still spend money on makeup monthly, money they don't have. I would probably fall into that category. During this month I did end up buying some makeup. I got a lipstick from the Milani and also went to Sephora and grabbed two lipsticks from there. So, in a sense I failed anyway.
        My rules for the month were no makeup unless I was doing a shoot, making a youtube video, or needed to look presentable for a school presentation or something. I ended up applying makeup roughly 6 times for this period. 
      My skin was finally able to breathe, which was a huge bonus. I have this theory that when you apply foundation to your skin everyday, it becomes dependant on it to look good and flawless. The first week of not wearing makeup was the most difficult because my skin was the most congested. That didn't really last that long though, and before long I was really excited about the way my skin was looking. Without as many makeup products on my face, I was proud of my skin. It looked fresh and dewy. Despite my scars and imperfections, not wearing makeup felt really good to me. I felt confident once my skin cleared up and had some really good days.
      I also had bad days too though. I felt like my skin was more of a roller-coaster then an having any immediate benefits. During my time on the month I had a nasty little breakout on my chin, which hasn't really resolved. It was a good challenge and I'd encourage anyone to give it a shot, if they are feeling to dependant on makeup for their value. It does get better. I am excited to wear makeup again because I think it's quite fun. 
      I took this opportunity to make a video about my current skin care routine. I thought it was fitting.
Make sure you take a minute to watch it! 

Products used:

Products used:
Camomile Gently Eye-makeup remover - the Body shop
Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil - Boscia
Purifying Cleaning Gel - Bosica
Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask - the Body Shop
Mask of Magnaminty - Lush
Grease Relief Face Tonic - Ole Henrickson
Ultimate Moisture Serum - Sephora
Dramatically Different Moisturizer Gel - Clinique
Lotus Eye Gel - Fresh
Black Tea Lip Balm - Jack Black

Bullets on Rotation by jill tranquilla

One of my biggest weaknesses in terms of the Beauty market is the assortment of lipsticks one can have. I am obsessed. I remember being really young and trying my mom's lipsticks on in the bathroom, and idealizing what it would like to be a grown up. And though lipstick was always intriguing to me, it wasn't until about two years ago when I started actually wearing it on the daily that I really became obsessed. 
It's taken me a while to narrow down the tones and makes which I wear the most confidently. Wearing lipstick isn't always easy; it requires attentiveness, and a steady hand. Discovering which colours best suit your skin tone and the reflection of yourself you want best to be presented takes risk and experimentation. Through this process of elimination, I've narrowed down the playing field to only eight of my most worn bullets. 

Bobbi Brown's Blushed Rose: We'll start at the Bobbi Brown Lip and Cheek Pot to begin, and go clockwise from there. Hopefully you guys can recognize which one I'm talking about, but if you need a better description, it's on circular compact that is opening and closing.  I got this compact in a sample kit and it took me a while to realize it's full potential. It's a mauve rose type colour, a little deeper then a typical neutral.  It was hidden in my drawer near the back, but as soon as I discovered it's hiding place it has immediately become one of my all time favourite. Not only is it a stunning MLBB (My Lips But Better) but it also is a beautiful rosie creamy cheek blush. Definitely a go-to multi-purpose product that is hard to use incorrectly. 

Mac's Diva: My first vampy lip colour I ever purchased and it definitely lives up to its name. This colour can be applied lightly and smudged in to create a stain, or it can be applied for a near black experience. I have to be honest with you, it's not my moms favourites. But when accompanied with the right outfit, it can really boost my confidence and lends itself to an edgier me. 

Make Up Forever N6 Matt Dark Raspberry: The container for this guy is so tiny! I also got this one as a perk during a trip to Sephora. This is another colour which could be considered an MLBB. It's a bit more rich in colour compared to Blushed Rose, with an undeniable emphasis on the 'raspberry'. I love how compact the sample size of this is, and how easy it is to apply; no mirror necessary. I went back to Sephora to purchase the normal sized bullet, but was unable to find it. 

Fresh HoneyHoney by Fresh is maybe my #1 lip product of all time. Dead serious. Fresh makes the most moisturizing tinted lippies I've ever tried. The colour and the added moisturizer works well together, and the added tint is subtle yet oddly extremely affective. What separates Honey from some of their other lip colours, in my books, is it's simplicity and its minimalism. When I wear this tint on my lips, my lips just look healthy, with a slight radiance. If I had to choose only one lip product to wear for the remainder of my existence, it would be this one. Hands down. 

Mac's Velvet Teddy: If you are aware of current makeup trends, then the name Velvet Teddy should be a familiar name to you. Kylie Jenner's lip game has made this product, as well as Mac's Brave, go viral. I have both, and love both dearly. I had to put Velvet Teddy in my rotation though because other then the fact that I do wear it more then Brave, it really speaks to the current 90's everything trend. This colour is a pink with brown undertones and makes me feel like Buffy.

Lise Watier's Gourmand Champagne:  This was my first ever highstreet lipstick purchase, and it's still kicking. To be fair, that was only two years ago, but it still is funny to me that my first highstreet purchase is still one of my go-to shades. This neutral is very soft and feminine, and basically goes with anything. It's a pale, light colour which falls in the middle of beige and pink. It's got a very nice formula and is a colour that you don't need to worry about maintaining it's upkeep because of how neutral it is. 

Mac's Hot Tahiti: One of the lines 'glaze' products, this is an easy red to wear. I find that a lot of classy bold red lips don't make it far past meal time and always leave me obsessing about their precision. This colour, on the other hand, functions like a glaze rather then an opaque formula. The plus of this is that it doesn't take nearly as much effort as a normal bold lip, and you can still look classy as *. This product was a hand me down from my mom, which I am forever thankful for. 

Mac's Touch: I've been really obsessed with earth toned and brown lipsticks as of late. Touch is that lipstick that is both sophisticated and neutral. It's a brown lipstick, yet applies a little sheer. Touch is a 'lustre' lipstick, meaning it has a shiny aspect to it. It can be really amped up when experimenting with different coloured liners underneath. My favourite liner to pair with Touch is East-end Snob by Rimmel.  

So, there you have it. My bullet's on rotation. Who know I could talk so much about lipstick?
- J. 

New Years Resolutions: 3L of Water / Day by jill tranquilla

I've never really been one for New Years Resolutions. This is mainly due to the fact that annual goals seem to always end up being a let down when not completed. I've tried countless times to be active x amount of times per week or to not watch more then one TV show a day. Failing these resolutions always leaves me with the feeling of failure on my chest, and a weight on my heart. 
Although, most of the time thinking of New Years Resolutions leaves me with the after taste of bitterness, I still think that setting goals for yourself is incredibly important in progression and in life. My perspectives have shifted over the past year to thinking more simply and less seriously. A big part of why I have started thinking like this is due to the concept of Project 333 or (some might call it) The Capsule Wardrobe. These are two minimalistic concepts that's motive is to help it's participants spend money more minimally, divided and organized by the four seasons. This project (which I have been doing for two seasons) has allowed me to think smaller, and instead of setting goals for the whole year I've been able to set goals for the season, or monthly. 
Fitness is something that I want to build up to. There have been so many times in my life where I will have these little bursts of fitness obsession, only weeks later to find myself huddled up at home in front of the television avoiding my goals for hours on end. So I've decided to start smaller then fitness and look at what is lacking in my health which I can improve on in a month or so. 
I was also feeling quite low last semester. A friend encouraged me to start drinking more water, and to cut out sugar, wheat, dairy, and meat from my diet. This seemed quite ambitious to me as well, and I was immediately discouraged. These were things that helped her, but they weren't thinks she cut out all at once. I'm taking this new lifestyle changes slowly.
So for the month of January I started smaller then small, though it has still been a challenge for me. My challenge was to drink 3L of water a day for the entire month. There are many different ideas about how much water a person is supposed to drink in a day. From what I can tell, the general idea is that as person should be drinking 2L a day. There are so many benefits of drinking water, anywhere from helping clear your skin, to lubricating your joints, helping with hair growth, and even helping sort out unwanted tension and knots in your muscles. Drinking too much water though can actually be fatal. 3L is a lot - but it is still a safe amount.
The first thing I did was find a water bottle that I liked, and would be easy for me to calculate the amount of water I was drinking. Thankfully the water bottle I fell in love with, a Hudson's Bay Company bottle with the classic stripes, held a nearly exact 1L of water. So it was easy for me to track whether or that I had drunk 3L or not. I tried hard to only drink black tea, or drinks with caffeine, in addition to my 3L rule. Drinks with caffeine are a diarrhetic, which means that they actually dehydrate you. I've always been a huge tea drinker, and have a larger collection at home. So somedays, if I wanted to drink tea instead I would fill my bottle with herbal tea in order to mix things up a bit. 
I had to pee, a lot. This goes along with the turf of drinking so much water. A friend told me that as I continued drinking, this would subside. I haven't really noticed a dramatic difference though to the first couple of weeks. 
One of the biggest benefits to this, as I can tell at this point, is that my skin has cleared up considerably. In all honesty I'm not sure if this is due to another multitude of facts, (my skin antibiotics, my newly loved Clairsonic or my less aggressive skin care routine) but I'm just happy that my skin is feeling as lot more nourished then it was with primarily topical care.
This challenge has been something that I can't shut up about because it's just been that much fun for me. Having a smaller goal, just to make it to January, has been something that in the beginning I knew I could accomplish. It's given me the confidence to talk about it with friends and acquaintances nearly every chance I get.  I hope to continue drinking 3L of water through the month of February as well. Someone once told me that it takes 3 months to build a strong habit. I might not be as intense about keeping up with my water count once I finish January but I do feel like drinking at least 2L of water a day is going to be something I am disciplined to do.  
I have a few more ideas about challenges that I can do during the year of 2015. I guess that in the grand scheme, my resolution is to have a challenge every month. I will post here about these challenges and I hope this can be a place of accountability for me to accomplish these goals. 
- j.