How We Style Vans (featuring. JC Santiago) / by jill tranquilla


This summer JC and I were galivanting around the DT area and we decided to shoot this lookbook. We've been meaning to collaborate on a style video forever (I'm sure there will be more to come.) We spontaneously shot this video - which is why I edited it to reflect the day.  

jc portrait.jpg
jc portrait 2.jpg

I never grew up wearing VANs. Well, that's a lie. This one time I purchased a pair of fluorescent pink Hawaii flower slip on vans and wore them mercilessly for a semester in jr. high. It's safe to say that those shoes made a quick retirement when I came to realize the clashed severely with my school uniform. Now VANS have made a crazy come back and I wear my Old School High Tops to their death because they are such an easy way to hype up and outfit. 

Make sure you follow JC on instagram at @johnsephsantiago - and let me know how you like the way this video was editted. 
- J