@J.T.T.V x @Yachtsyuot: I / by jill tranquilla

When I met with Yuot for the first time we decided that we would eventually collaborate. Initially, I wasn't positive how the collaboration would unfold. Myself having a photography background, working with another photographer posed a problem. We only needed one person behind the lens! For me, though this created a unique and amazing opportunity to not only step back in front of the camera more, but also to style, conceptualize, and co-direct the project. We decided to make the most of the studio we were renting and hauled in multiple rolls of paper, props, and a vision board filled with ideas. I've never done a project that was this pre-planned in essence and so I am very happy with the way things turned out! 

Here my top three favorite photos from this segment of our shoot. Our models were me and a high school friend of mine, Bella (@mllebelle). Both Yuot and I were inspired by a clean and movement-forward look, leading us to choose these basic turtlenecks and navy sweat-shorts. The shorts were from H&M's men's section, and the tops were sourced through second-hand shops. I decided to go with socks to communicate a cozy and lived in feel. 

studioshoot (7 of 24).jpg
studioshoot (8 of 24).jpg
studioshoot (9 of 24).jpg

You can find more of Yuot's work at @yachtsyuot on Instagram, and of course, you can follow me and my work at @j.t.t.v

Conceptualized by myself and Yuot (@j.t.t.v and @yachtsyuot)
Photographed by Yuot
Styled by Myself
Modeled by Bella and Myself

- J.