Monogram Inspired "Hazelnut Creme Toast" (Basil purely decorative) / by jill tranquilla

I always threw out half eaten toast, like a ritual. I guess it was how to bread cools and becomes rock hard, making it so hard to eat. A few weeks ago I discovered a coffee shop in my city that has re-vamped toast! After discovering their "Hazelnut Creme Toast" I ran to the store and bought anything that I could think of to make toast. Peanut butter, strawberries jam, hemp and sun flower seeds, salmon locks. I guess that toast is basically just an open faced sandwich, but hey - why not get excited about the fastest breakfast item you can make? My favorite variations of toast thus far have been bread with herb and garlic cream cheese and sliced green apples, peanut butter and jam with hemp seeds and sliced almonds, or this one: a home-made versions of Monogram's Hazelnut toast. 

What you will need:
- Bread
-  Toaster
- Hazelnuts
- Cream Cheese (Monogram's "cream" is something other, but cream cheese does just fine as a substitute).
- Honey

1. Half hazelnuts and (optional) roast in oven for 10 minutes
2. Toast two pieces of whole wheat toast
3. Spread cream cheese over warm toast
4. place hazelnut halves over cream base (on the toast)
5. add honey drizzle
6. Yum :)

By no means is this the original Monogram Toast recipe, this is simply and inspired version! Enjoy!
- J.