April Challenge / by jill tranquilla

As I have gotten older I have more drawn to documenting time and experiences. This past month concluded my academic life in it's entirety, unless I choose to go back to school in the future. It was a complete rollercoaster of emotions. For this month's challenge I decided that I was going to video document it weekly. Over the past few years I have been drawn to documentative style photography and videography. What draws me into this is not the experience of viewing these visuals right away, but rather in a few years down the road. This April was a HUGE month for me. I turned 22, and had a real cry about it. I graduated College with a Degree in Fine Arts. I've been thrown into the real world, so to speak. It's been a lot. So documenting it daily only felt natural. I hope that in the future when I look back at these vlogs, it will be a joyful experience. 

- Jill