Misha + Josh / by jill tranquilla

This was the first couple's photoshoot I've ever done. I've always been a bit hesitant to shoot photographs of couples (video is more of my fortay), but I wanted to be a part of the journey with these two. Josh and Misha and I all used to work at a summer camp. I think that Josh and Misha must have met when they where 15, or 16 - but don't quote me on that. I always have wondered if it was love at first sight with these two. This couple is truly dynamite together, I can't believe that since we all met, they have gone from dating to married to having their first little baby. It's not only been a privilege to see their lives intertwine together, but also be able to learn and receive wisdom from them in many different ways. 

Here are some of my favourite shots. The shoot went so well, and how could it not. They are a super photogenic couple and were so easy to shoot. I think that Misha was just 40 weeks when we shot. She finally gave birth at 40 + 5 to a beautiful healthy boy named Oliver. 

There were so many amazing photos, I want to share them with you guys in an album below. I had an amazing experience photographing a couple for the first time and am excited to do more! We even had a dog that lived in this park come and join us for a bit. Cute.