Indigo and Chit Chat / by jill tranquilla

I have to confess something. Blogging is hard. It's not hard because I don't want to be doing it, it's hard because it has a tendency to easily fall behind and seemingly off the plane of existence. I've been meaning to write, I have. I know my audience is small, or zilch. So that doesn't help me with motivation anyways. Oh well. I have meant to write a small review on this product for quite some time. And only now, three months later, I'm able to sit down and share my thoughts.  "Indigo" by NEST first caught me attention after hearing a review by the lovely Beauty Guru Claire Marshall in one of her monthly product reviews. Instantly I wanted to try this perfume out for myself. Typically I am attracted to floral scents that are light and fresh. This year really opened my eyes to more muskier scents. Indigo is a very musky and spicy scent, but it's not as over bearing as it could be. Although it's a more masculine scent, there are still very earthy and floral aspects to it. Moroccan tea, Kashmir wood, and black cardamom are enhanced with hints of wild fig and bergamot. Sephora's website suggests that this scent transitions well from evening to night, and I would have to agree. A lot of people compare this scent to the discontinued Burberry the Beat, and say it's a pretty good match! On my skin, this scent smells really warm. It would be a lovely scent to wear on a dinner date.
As you can see i this image, I only own a small sample size of this perfume. It's one that I'd love to invest in and could see it being an amazing signature scent. 

- J.