MKE-UP FR33 MARCH / by jill tranquilla

        March has gone by so fast. It feels like it was just yesterday that I adjusted my calendar, but here we are, in April already. I'm totally committed this year to working through my new years resolution. If you aren't aware of my goal, it was to have a new goal each month which would challenge me to live a better lifestyle. For the month of march, I decided to give up makeup. 
In addition to my resolution, from February 18 - April 2 was Lent. Lent is a time each year dedicated to fasting an aspect of your life in order to concentrate on the upcoming holiday, Easter. It's currently Good Friday, so I might as well and go on explaining that as well. Good Friday is the day that we celebrate Christ's crucifixion. I grew up in a Christian household, and became a Christian officially when I was 17 years old. It's easy to loose sight of what Christ did on the cross. Lent is a great way of becoming a reflective time over this event that has changed the course of humanity. Christ was and is the son of God; completely divine. When Jesus was crucified on the cross, his death covered the consequences of humanities evil heart. Because Jesus is God and his death was humble, we have been given eternal life if we accept Jesus into our hearts. By giving up something 40 days before the celebration of that day, you place down something worldly that you have depended on and put more dependance in Jesus for your value. Jesus was crucified on 'Good Friday,' and rose from the grave three days later like it was prophesied decades before. I don't intend for this blog to be a religious platform, but I did think it was important that I explain what Lent was and why I took part in it. So for this months goal, I actually started on February 18 and ended on April 2. This was my first time ever taking part in lent. 
        Moving on to the challenge. Not wearing makeup isn't new to me. I don't struggle with being completely dependant on it like some people, and I think I have working at camps to thank for that. For about 4 or 5 summers I have worked at camps in the summer. There was never much time for makeup application, and so I learnt how to be less dependant on makeup in these scenarios. That being said, I haven't always felt secure without makeup. In the past year and a bit, I also got REALLY into makeup. After discovering youtube, I was hooked. I quickly went from owning a few items to becoming a VIB Rouge member at Sephora within a year, which is stupidly embarrassing. I've calmed down a bit since then, but have a pretty vast makeup collection because of that season in my life.
        The problem for me wasn't so much about having to wear makeup everyday, but it was more about the money I would spend on makeup. It has been so hard to not spend money on makeup. I heard a crazy statistic the other day that said that 1/3 people living on a budget will still spend money on makeup monthly, money they don't have. I would probably fall into that category. During this month I did end up buying some makeup. I got a lipstick from the Milani and also went to Sephora and grabbed two lipsticks from there. So, in a sense I failed anyway.
        My rules for the month were no makeup unless I was doing a shoot, making a youtube video, or needed to look presentable for a school presentation or something. I ended up applying makeup roughly 6 times for this period. 
      My skin was finally able to breathe, which was a huge bonus. I have this theory that when you apply foundation to your skin everyday, it becomes dependant on it to look good and flawless. The first week of not wearing makeup was the most difficult because my skin was the most congested. That didn't really last that long though, and before long I was really excited about the way my skin was looking. Without as many makeup products on my face, I was proud of my skin. It looked fresh and dewy. Despite my scars and imperfections, not wearing makeup felt really good to me. I felt confident once my skin cleared up and had some really good days.
      I also had bad days too though. I felt like my skin was more of a roller-coaster then an having any immediate benefits. During my time on the month I had a nasty little breakout on my chin, which hasn't really resolved. It was a good challenge and I'd encourage anyone to give it a shot, if they are feeling to dependant on makeup for their value. It does get better. I am excited to wear makeup again because I think it's quite fun. 
      I took this opportunity to make a video about my current skin care routine. I thought it was fitting.
Make sure you take a minute to watch it! 

Products used:

Products used:
Camomile Gently Eye-makeup remover - the Body shop
Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil - Boscia
Purifying Cleaning Gel - Bosica
Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask - the Body Shop
Mask of Magnaminty - Lush
Grease Relief Face Tonic - Ole Henrickson
Ultimate Moisture Serum - Sephora
Dramatically Different Moisturizer Gel - Clinique
Lotus Eye Gel - Fresh
Black Tea Lip Balm - Jack Black