Ria Richies goes to new Heights / by jill tranquilla

Ria Richies, founder of   Heights Magazine     

Ria Richies, founder of Heights Magazine 

I met Ria over instagram (where most of my friends seem to come from, these days). What struck me about her initially was her entrepreneurial spirit, her love for art and her enthusiasm for cooking. Even though I've never met Ria in person, it is evident that this girl is a go-getter. Heights Magazine started in January 2015, making it a new blog on the scene. It focuses on art, culinary, fashion, lifestyle, and travel, leaving the reader inspired and wanting to read more. I decided to interview Ria about her experience as a blogger. Read on to find out how a girl went from being a competitive dancer/full time chef into a full time blogger.

J: What inspired you/motivated you to start you blog?
R: Well, I spend most of the time on the internet. I've always loved reading other people's blogs or just looking at photos. I've probably had an account for every social networking site since I was 10, but my love for blogging all really started when I created a Multiply and Blogger account. I always thought it was cool that I can share stories and things I'm passionate about so I just kept doing it.

J: What has been your favourite part about starting the blog? 
R: I love how you get to choose how you want your blog to look like! It's such a long process to get to your desired layout, but it's all worth it once you feel like everything just screams your style.

J: Where do you see your blog going in the next 5 years? 
R: I like to think that in 5 years I'll be able to reach out to thousands of people who relate to things that I share online. I just started posting videos on YouTube every week and it's so much fun. I love documenting things so it's good that I can see the progress of my work over the years and just reminisce whenever I feel like it.

J: What are some obstacles you’ve faced as a blogger?
R: I used to have a hard time with staying consistent. When you're a full-time blogger and you work at home, you gotta stay on top of your game. You can't be lazy and stay in your pajamas all day! It sounds like working at home is the easiest thing, but it's really not. You always get distracted or tempted to just go back to sleep whenever you want to. Writer's block sucks too! I hate when I can't write anything or just post something completely random that doesn't make any sense. It makes me feel like my work is mediocre and that's one thing you don't want to feel especially if this is your full-time job.

J: What are some of your favourites tunes to listen to while you work? 
R: I like songs that are just super chill like indie pop or acoustic, but then sometimes I just feel like listening to old-school Fall Out Boy or Drake. It just depends on my mood! I have different playlists on Spotify for different moods, but I've been listening to Kanye's Late Registration album and Hozier by Hozier a lot lately.

J: If you could have any job for a year, what would it be and why? 
R: Ah that's kind of a tough one, but it would be pretty cool if I became a film director. I'm actually doing a short film in August, so it'll be pretty interesting since I've never directed anything that's 30+ mins long.

J: What’s one fact about you that not many people know?
R: I used to be a competitive hip hop dancer and a full-time cook!