Bullets on Rotation / by jill tranquilla

One of my biggest weaknesses in terms of the Beauty market is the assortment of lipsticks one can have. I am obsessed. I remember being really young and trying my mom's lipsticks on in the bathroom, and idealizing what it would like to be a grown up. And though lipstick was always intriguing to me, it wasn't until about two years ago when I started actually wearing it on the daily that I really became obsessed. 
It's taken me a while to narrow down the tones and makes which I wear the most confidently. Wearing lipstick isn't always easy; it requires attentiveness, and a steady hand. Discovering which colours best suit your skin tone and the reflection of yourself you want best to be presented takes risk and experimentation. Through this process of elimination, I've narrowed down the playing field to only eight of my most worn bullets. 

Bobbi Brown's Blushed Rose: We'll start at the Bobbi Brown Lip and Cheek Pot to begin, and go clockwise from there. Hopefully you guys can recognize which one I'm talking about, but if you need a better description, it's on circular compact that is opening and closing.  I got this compact in a sample kit and it took me a while to realize it's full potential. It's a mauve rose type colour, a little deeper then a typical neutral.  It was hidden in my drawer near the back, but as soon as I discovered it's hiding place it has immediately become one of my all time favourite. Not only is it a stunning MLBB (My Lips But Better) but it also is a beautiful rosie creamy cheek blush. Definitely a go-to multi-purpose product that is hard to use incorrectly. 

Mac's Diva: My first vampy lip colour I ever purchased and it definitely lives up to its name. This colour can be applied lightly and smudged in to create a stain, or it can be applied for a near black experience. I have to be honest with you, it's not my moms favourites. But when accompanied with the right outfit, it can really boost my confidence and lends itself to an edgier me. 

Make Up Forever N6 Matt Dark Raspberry: The container for this guy is so tiny! I also got this one as a perk during a trip to Sephora. This is another colour which could be considered an MLBB. It's a bit more rich in colour compared to Blushed Rose, with an undeniable emphasis on the 'raspberry'. I love how compact the sample size of this is, and how easy it is to apply; no mirror necessary. I went back to Sephora to purchase the normal sized bullet, but was unable to find it. 

Fresh HoneyHoney by Fresh is maybe my #1 lip product of all time. Dead serious. Fresh makes the most moisturizing tinted lippies I've ever tried. The colour and the added moisturizer works well together, and the added tint is subtle yet oddly extremely affective. What separates Honey from some of their other lip colours, in my books, is it's simplicity and its minimalism. When I wear this tint on my lips, my lips just look healthy, with a slight radiance. If I had to choose only one lip product to wear for the remainder of my existence, it would be this one. Hands down. 

Mac's Velvet Teddy: If you are aware of current makeup trends, then the name Velvet Teddy should be a familiar name to you. Kylie Jenner's lip game has made this product, as well as Mac's Brave, go viral. I have both, and love both dearly. I had to put Velvet Teddy in my rotation though because other then the fact that I do wear it more then Brave, it really speaks to the current 90's everything trend. This colour is a pink with brown undertones and makes me feel like Buffy.

Lise Watier's Gourmand Champagne:  This was my first ever highstreet lipstick purchase, and it's still kicking. To be fair, that was only two years ago, but it still is funny to me that my first highstreet purchase is still one of my go-to shades. This neutral is very soft and feminine, and basically goes with anything. It's a pale, light colour which falls in the middle of beige and pink. It's got a very nice formula and is a colour that you don't need to worry about maintaining it's upkeep because of how neutral it is. 

Mac's Hot Tahiti: One of the lines 'glaze' products, this is an easy red to wear. I find that a lot of classy bold red lips don't make it far past meal time and always leave me obsessing about their precision. This colour, on the other hand, functions like a glaze rather then an opaque formula. The plus of this is that it doesn't take nearly as much effort as a normal bold lip, and you can still look classy as *. This product was a hand me down from my mom, which I am forever thankful for. 

Mac's Touch: I've been really obsessed with earth toned and brown lipsticks as of late. Touch is that lipstick that is both sophisticated and neutral. It's a brown lipstick, yet applies a little sheer. Touch is a 'lustre' lipstick, meaning it has a shiny aspect to it. It can be really amped up when experimenting with different coloured liners underneath. My favourite liner to pair with Touch is East-end Snob by Rimmel.  

So, there you have it. My bullet's on rotation. Who know I could talk so much about lipstick?
- J.