Found Foundations / by jill tranquilla


I'm always in search of the perfect foundation for my skin type. It took me a long time to realize that you can't just buy any foundation and expect it to work for you. There are four things you need to consider when searching for the perfect foundation. 

  1. Your skin type - it took me a long time to realize the importance of knowing your skin type. Not every foundation will sit well on your skin type. By identifying your skin type, normal, dry, oily, or combination, you can then narrow down the playing field of foundations that will work for you. I have combination skin, which can be a really difficult skin type to work around because some areas of my face will take better to foundations then other parts. 
  2. Desired finish - there are a variety of finishes that foundations can leave, anything from a matte, satin, normal, or dewy finish. Some finishes are better suited for certain skin types (ie. a matte finish would be most desirable for someone who has oily prone skin), and some are better suited for certain seasons. The finish you choose also is an aesthetic decision. I preference a natural to dewy finish.  
  3. Desired coverage - foundations come in different viscosities and opaqueness. Tinted foundations, sheer foundations and BB cremes can be used for slight coverage. Light coverage can look the most natural, but has lowest coverage of blemishes and scars. A medium coverage can be sometimes built up by applying additional layers, or by purchasing a medium coverage foundation. A full coverage foundation tends to be quite opaque and gives off the appearance of the partaker wearing makeup, which can be an aesthetic preference as well.  
  4. Color matching - one of the hardest things to learn how to do, my best tip is to try the color on in natural lighting. Don't be afraid to let someone help you find the correct color at the makeup counters. That being said, always get a small sample of the foundation that you're interested in and apply it in natural lighting. I like to get a sample and apply it in my car, so that I can really see how close of a match the color is to my skin. Sales persons can have amazing advice, but if the mall fluorescents are the measure in which you are choosing the correct color, you're going to run into more problems then not. 

Taking all of these things into consideration, I've narrowed down the playing field to my top five most loved foundations. Each foundation has a different aesthetic quality, or function. There is a combination of price types as well. 

  1. Bobbi Brown Beauty Balm SPF 35 in Light ($53)
                           This BB creme is one of the few BB cremes I've ever used. It is currently my most loved foundation product. It leaves a natural/dewy finish and is lightweight. With a good moisturizer underneath it, it has good lasting power. This product works the best with a primer underneath. BB cremes also have some added benefits that foundations lack, including having certian skin benefits for the longterm.
  2. Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff for Dry Skin ($10)
                          I picked this product up at Target after doing some research into foundations that are the best suited for combination skin. I made the mistake of getting the one for dry skin, rather then oily, but surprisingly it was a really good mistake to make. This product is full coverage, with a natural/matte finish. It's lasting power is ridiculous, and you don't need a primer or a powder to secure its lasting power. 
  3. Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks in Porcelain and Warm Beige ($53/each)
                         I bring these out on special occasion, and I wear them together. The way I use them is best shown by a tutorial on youtube, by Hannah Maggs.  Her tutorial for how to use these products can be found by clicking here.  The foundation sticks have a dewy satin finish with light/medium coverage.
  4. Makeup Forever Face and Body in 20 ($46)
                         I use this product when summer comes into play because the color is a shade or two more tan then my winter skin. The formulation is different then your average foundation. There is silicon in the product, which helps to absorb oil as your skin produces it, which makes this product ideal for the summer. The finish is natural/dewy and works really well with Dr. Brandt's poreless primer.  
  5. L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation in W1-2 ($13)
                         Everyone and their mom is raving about this drugstore foundation, for good reason. Supposedly, this product is a dupe of a foundation by Giorgio Armani. It has a natural finish, and is very light weight. It's build-able, and blends extremely well. This is by far my favourite drugstore foundation, and because of its price, it's the foundation I use on the daily. 

Comment below with your best loved foundations, and any tips and tricks you have up your sleeve!