LEGACY ONE / by jill tranquilla

A few of you might have received a newsletter of mine in the mail. If not, that's okay because it's viewable here! I want to share with you all a little about what I do for a job lately and maybe it will spark your interest. 

This year I am working as part of a member of a Urban Arts motivational crew called "Legacy One." We are a hip hop dance and spoken word team, with the mission of empowering young adults within our nation. The first time I heard about Legacy One was through a friend who used to be on the team. I was instantly curious about how these team members lived life together as well as how they were able to use their art forms to leave behind a Legacy. At the time I was in High School, in my grade 11th year. I was interested in pursuing art and planned to go to Art College straight out of High School. My experience with dance was very minimal, and at the time I was starting to become interested in it but didn't know where to begin. As I got to know the members of Legacy One and grew inspired, I started to walk into that art form little by little. Dance has grown to be a huge area of joy in my life; it's one of the most liberating and empowering art forms I have ever experienced. 
My time at ACAD was incredible, and I learned so much as well as grew in the area of videography and graphic design. Although my degree was focused on fine art, I know that without receiving the education I did I wouldn't be able to work the ways that I do now. 

My role within legacy is that I am part of the core staff when it comes to visual media - I get to design the graphics as well as work on the video aspects of our show. Compile video testimonies, and document our tours. The goals in doing this are to create further followup for students who we encounter. I am also a dance intern - getting trained in the different genre's under the umbrella of Hip Hop dance. Dance has been such an empowering art form in my life that I wish to express what God has done through that creative outlet. I feel honoured to learn under such amazing dancers.  

One of my favourite parts about being on Legacy One though has to be the interactions we have had with young adults and students throughout Canada. After our show students will open up and talk about their experiences in their day to day life, whether it's a struggle with being bullied or experiencing negativity in their family life, we are privileged to encourage these students and share with them the hope that we know.

So the one thing with Legacy One is that in order to do this, I am looking for sponsors who believe in what we are doing and are willing to donate funds for me to continue doing this. No body on Legacy One is paid for what we do - the money that we get from the shows goes back into the show and in order for us to continue we seek out partners who want to become involved financially or with prayer! I am currently looking for 40 people to donate about $50 to me each month! If you are interested in helping my raise funds you can print off this form and send it into the Legacy One office (and you will get a tax receipt)

#8 3530 11a St NE
Calgary, AB
T2E 6M7

Instructions for form:
You will notice that my name is not of the "offering applied for" options. You can check off "OTHER" under the dotted line and then write the name "Jill Tranquilla" on the line!
Also if you are making out a cheque, you can write my name in the Memo Line so that we know the money is coming to my individual support. 

Thank you for your time! If you are interested in receiving my newsletters and prayer requests (monthly) please sign up below!