New Years Resolutions: 3L of Water / Day / by jill tranquilla

I've never really been one for New Years Resolutions. This is mainly due to the fact that annual goals seem to always end up being a let down when not completed. I've tried countless times to be active x amount of times per week or to not watch more then one TV show a day. Failing these resolutions always leaves me with the feeling of failure on my chest, and a weight on my heart. 
Although, most of the time thinking of New Years Resolutions leaves me with the after taste of bitterness, I still think that setting goals for yourself is incredibly important in progression and in life. My perspectives have shifted over the past year to thinking more simply and less seriously. A big part of why I have started thinking like this is due to the concept of Project 333 or (some might call it) The Capsule Wardrobe. These are two minimalistic concepts that's motive is to help it's participants spend money more minimally, divided and organized by the four seasons. This project (which I have been doing for two seasons) has allowed me to think smaller, and instead of setting goals for the whole year I've been able to set goals for the season, or monthly. 
Fitness is something that I want to build up to. There have been so many times in my life where I will have these little bursts of fitness obsession, only weeks later to find myself huddled up at home in front of the television avoiding my goals for hours on end. So I've decided to start smaller then fitness and look at what is lacking in my health which I can improve on in a month or so. 
I was also feeling quite low last semester. A friend encouraged me to start drinking more water, and to cut out sugar, wheat, dairy, and meat from my diet. This seemed quite ambitious to me as well, and I was immediately discouraged. These were things that helped her, but they weren't thinks she cut out all at once. I'm taking this new lifestyle changes slowly.
So for the month of January I started smaller then small, though it has still been a challenge for me. My challenge was to drink 3L of water a day for the entire month. There are many different ideas about how much water a person is supposed to drink in a day. From what I can tell, the general idea is that as person should be drinking 2L a day. There are so many benefits of drinking water, anywhere from helping clear your skin, to lubricating your joints, helping with hair growth, and even helping sort out unwanted tension and knots in your muscles. Drinking too much water though can actually be fatal. 3L is a lot - but it is still a safe amount.
The first thing I did was find a water bottle that I liked, and would be easy for me to calculate the amount of water I was drinking. Thankfully the water bottle I fell in love with, a Hudson's Bay Company bottle with the classic stripes, held a nearly exact 1L of water. So it was easy for me to track whether or that I had drunk 3L or not. I tried hard to only drink black tea, or drinks with caffeine, in addition to my 3L rule. Drinks with caffeine are a diarrhetic, which means that they actually dehydrate you. I've always been a huge tea drinker, and have a larger collection at home. So somedays, if I wanted to drink tea instead I would fill my bottle with herbal tea in order to mix things up a bit. 
I had to pee, a lot. This goes along with the turf of drinking so much water. A friend told me that as I continued drinking, this would subside. I haven't really noticed a dramatic difference though to the first couple of weeks. 
One of the biggest benefits to this, as I can tell at this point, is that my skin has cleared up considerably. In all honesty I'm not sure if this is due to another multitude of facts, (my skin antibiotics, my newly loved Clairsonic or my less aggressive skin care routine) but I'm just happy that my skin is feeling as lot more nourished then it was with primarily topical care.
This challenge has been something that I can't shut up about because it's just been that much fun for me. Having a smaller goal, just to make it to January, has been something that in the beginning I knew I could accomplish. It's given me the confidence to talk about it with friends and acquaintances nearly every chance I get.  I hope to continue drinking 3L of water through the month of February as well. Someone once told me that it takes 3 months to build a strong habit. I might not be as intense about keeping up with my water count once I finish January but I do feel like drinking at least 2L of water a day is going to be something I am disciplined to do.  
I have a few more ideas about challenges that I can do during the year of 2015. I guess that in the grand scheme, my resolution is to have a challenge every month. I will post here about these challenges and I hope this can be a place of accountability for me to accomplish these goals. 
- j.