How We Style Vans (featuring. JC Santiago) by jill tranquilla


This summer JC and I were galivanting around the DT area and we decided to shoot this lookbook. We've been meaning to collaborate on a style video forever (I'm sure there will be more to come.) We spontaneously shot this video - which is why I edited it to reflect the day.  

jc portrait.jpg
jc portrait 2.jpg

I never grew up wearing VANs. Well, that's a lie. This one time I purchased a pair of fluorescent pink Hawaii flower slip on vans and wore them mercilessly for a semester in jr. high. It's safe to say that those shoes made a quick retirement when I came to realize the clashed severely with my school uniform. Now VANS have made a crazy come back and I wear my Old School High Tops to their death because they are such an easy way to hype up and outfit. 

Make sure you follow JC on instagram at @johnsephsantiago - and let me know how you like the way this video was editted. 
- J

@J.T.T.V x @Yachtsyuot: I by jill tranquilla

When I met with Yuot for the first time we decided that we would eventually collaborate. Initially, I wasn't positive how the collaboration would unfold. Myself having a photography background, working with another photographer posed a problem. We only needed one person behind the lens! For me, though this created a unique and amazing opportunity to not only step back in front of the camera more, but also to style, conceptualize, and co-direct the project. We decided to make the most of the studio we were renting and hauled in multiple rolls of paper, props, and a vision board filled with ideas. I've never done a project that was this pre-planned in essence and so I am very happy with the way things turned out! 

Here my top three favorite photos from this segment of our shoot. Our models were me and a high school friend of mine, Bella (@mllebelle). Both Yuot and I were inspired by a clean and movement-forward look, leading us to choose these basic turtlenecks and navy sweat-shorts. The shorts were from H&M's men's section, and the tops were sourced through second-hand shops. I decided to go with socks to communicate a cozy and lived in feel. 

studioshoot (7 of 24).jpg
studioshoot (8 of 24).jpg
studioshoot (9 of 24).jpg

You can find more of Yuot's work at @yachtsyuot on Instagram, and of course, you can follow me and my work at @j.t.t.v

Conceptualized by myself and Yuot (@j.t.t.v and @yachtsyuot)
Photographed by Yuot
Styled by Myself
Modeled by Bella and Myself

- J. 

Party - Chris Brown | Apple Sulit Choreography by jill tranquilla

I got to collaborate with my insanely talented friend Apple Sulit with taking her choreography to 'Party - Chris Brown' and making it into a little film! We were at the studio filming this video and I remember getting home at 4 am. It was such a fun project and I'm so happy with the result!

Party - Chris Brown | Choreography by Apple Sulit

Choreography & Concept by: Apple Sulit

- J.

Park Luxe Spring 2016 by jill tranquilla


Park Show is something I like to document every time it comes around in Calgary. This past year I've been so busy doing work for people I haven't even had the chance to take these images off my camera card and put them on my blog! Since this show, last May 2016, another Park Event has come and the past (one I wasn't able to attend). That being said, even though these images are from a past season I still find inspiration from the many talented designers and artists making work in Canada. Showcasing labels such as Paul Hardy Designs,  Marie Saint Pierre, Lauren Bagilore, Urbanovitch, O k a k i e, and YEAR of the RAM. 

Here are a few of my favorite looks, outfits, and photos from Park Luxe 2016

Shot with Sony A6300 + Canon 16-35 mm Lens. 
- J.

Sunalta Train Station by jill tranquilla

I first met Yuot incidentally at Monogram, a Calgary-based coffee shop. We were sitting close by each other and both editing photos! Inevitably this led to us connecting. Yuot is one of a kind - make sure to check out his Instagram to see his work! (@yachtsyuot). 

Denim Jacket: Oak and Fort
Top: Babaton
Pants: Oak and Fort
Kicks: Nike Huarache

Anali + Silas by jill tranquilla


I met Anali and Silas a few years ago in a Toronto summer (I met Anali on a bus actually). They have always been a power couple in my mind and I was so honored to be able to document their wedding and map out their story for the day. I'm continually inspired by their hearts and drive. These two have something so special, and so real. Thanks for asking me to document your big day and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity!

- J. 

She Looks - Rocky Aquino by jill tranquilla

She Looks - Choreographed by Rocky Aquino. 

This is absolutely one of my favorite videos I've ever been able to create - collaborating with Rocky was so easy and we both were on the same page on so many things. I've grateful to have been able to visualize some of these shots before they were created! It's so cool so storyboard something and then see it take shape afterwards! Watch the video, and if you have a minute watch the pre-trailer here too: